Friday, January 13, 2012

Communication Skills For Increasing Self-Worth Articles

We all know how good it feels to be communicating with someone who listens and cares about what we say. Talking and listening goes smoothly and the result is that we feel good talking to this person. In couple and family relationships nurturing communication is vital for each member's emotional well-being. Here are some communication tips which will enhance self-worth.

1. Everyone has the right to disagree

Being able to disagree shows that each person's ideas are valued. There is the freedom to state and comment what one observes and thinks. Everyone's ideas matter. Decisions are made that validate the well-being of the couple and family

2. Rules are flexible

Rules in families are such that they are based on what makes sense. Rules for younger children differ from the older children. Rules change as needed. Every member has a clear idea as to what the rules are and trusts that change will be introduced when required.

3. Self-Esteem is nurtured

Each person is treated with respect regardless of age. Each is appreciated for being who he/she is and is encouraged to flourish.

4. Responsibility for self is expected

There is an expectation that every person takes responsibility for self and at the same time supports the well- being of the family. Expectations allow each person to bring forth their best.

5. Communication is direct

Communication between people is direct, clear and growth producing. Put downs, blaming, placating, judging are discouraged and healthier ways of handling frustration, hurt, and anger are taught.

6. Civility is encouraged

The value of each person is respected. This is shown by saying please and thank you, apologizing when hurting someone else, and by everyone following rules that make living in the family run smoothly.

7. Clear definition of the goal for the family

In families the goal is to grow healthy new people and if there are no children to further the growth of everyone who is there. What is valued is that everyone has the freedom to live in accordance with their deepest needs and can interact well with the community at large.

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